Healthy Lifestyle Initiative

At Lovering Auto Group, we encourage customers and employees alike to live a healthy lifestyle. We do a lot of little things to help the cause. We’ll share them with you here, and please let us know if you have any suggestions as well!

Standing Desks

Stand Up Desk 2Lovering employees enjoy the freedom that comes with standing desks. It may sound silly, but standing and moving around throughout your day plays a very big role in your overall health. Going to the gym is great, but it does not equate to the benefits of moving around throughout your entire day.

You can sit or stand whenever you’d like, or you can use the app that comes with the purchase of a standing desk. It can be set to remind you when to sit and stand depending on your personal work schedule. Something different, but something that we’ve found our employees really enjoy!





Healthy Vending Machine

Vending MachineWe used to have your average vending machine at our stores, inclusive of chips, sodas, candies, and other regular items. One day, one of our Operations Managers, Vanessa Delegas, decided to replace this machine with its healthier counterpart. Our vending machine is now filled with certain healthy snacks that we voted on. To make things better, it even has a credit/debit card slot! Even when you don’t have cash, you can still grab a snack.








In-House Gym

INTERIOR - smallWe’re building a new store in Nashua, so we are currently under construction. One of the things we’re looking forward to with the completion of construction, is our new gym! Employees can workout here at the workplace and minimize their travel time. Our locker rooms will have showers in them as well, so it can be used as your one stop shop. We’ll post pictures once we’re set up!





Smoke-Free Campus

Tobacco Free Campus

At Lovering Auto Group, there are no smoking sections. We’ve eliminated all smoking here on our campus because of its negative health effects. It hurts more than just the person smoking, but all of those around you. You’ll notice our signs and other reminders here at our stores! Again, thank you for not smoking!