Importance of Keeping Cars Clean in the Winter

You can admit it..when the roads have inches of snow on top of them, you are absolutely ecstatic at the sight of the plow trucks. It’s great to know that the snow will be cleared and the roads will be covered with salt and sand to give us more traction.

BOSS-plowIt is because of that helpful salt and sand that gets our cars covered in a white film. This film of dirt and grime needs to be washed off of your car for a number of reasons. We recommend getting the upgraded wash when you arrive at the car wash so that the undercarriage is also washed. Typically your lowest cost wash will not include the undercarriage wash so beware of this!

Mechanics find that they replace dozens of radiators each year because of drivers not taking their vehicles in for routine washes. When we leave the salt on our vehicles, the core of your radiator oxidizes. The rest of the vehicle is also being eaten away at this time by the salt. undercarriage1

If a vehicle is properly cared for, it is not uncommon to see the vehicle properly working for about 15 years. All too often, cars whose frames rot out will leave the driver car-less after about 8 or 9 years. A rotten frame makes the car essentially useless.

Preparing your car for the winter months is essential to your vehicle’s longevity. One step of this is to look over the exterior of your vehicle to check for chips in the paint. This will help you to apply wax and sealant evenly over the car. After this, routinely re-apply the wax sealant throughout the winter to make sure the paint is protected.

elegant-volvo-auto-logo-tailor-made-carpet-car-floor-mats-rubber-5pcs-large-1024x768Are you familiar with the white saltwater stains that appear on the carpeted floor of your vehicle? They’re not pretty, and that means that you are damaging the undercarriage of your vehicle. Salt water drippings coming from your feet, seep through the carpet, and get to the undercarriage. This can be remedied by replacing the carpeted floor mats, with rubber floor mats.

Prevent more damage by replacing your wheels with steel or alloy wheels. Do this along with putting snow tires on your vehicle and you will be in great shape. Enjoy the winter!