Boss Plows

Lovering Volvo of Concord is a Boss Plow Distributor for All of New Hampshire

We are proud to represent Boss Snow Plows as one of only a few distributors in New Hampshire. Located in Concord, we distribute to dealerships all over the state providing a wide range of plow types and models. Below are some of our most commonly ordered Boss Plows. All prices shown include installation. To order or get more information please fill out the form below or call us at 866-935-4420:

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7'6 HTX Poly

7’6 HTX Poly

7'6 HTX Poly

7’6 Standard Duty Straight

8'0 Trip Edge Super Duty Strait

8’0 Trip Edge Super Duty Straight

8'2 Power V XT

8’2 Power V XT

8'2 Stainless Power V DXT

8’2 Stainless Power V DXT

Boss Snow Plows are offered in a wide variety of sizes and types to fit virtually any need. We also offer:

7’6 Power V $5,700 9’2 Stainless Power-V DXT $6,450.00
9’2 Power-V XT $5,900 7’0 Sport Duty Poly Straight $4,450.00
9’2 Poly Power-V XT $6,100 8’0 Super Duty Straight $5,150.00
8’2 Poly Power-V XT $6,000 10’0 Super Duty Straight $6,200.00
9’2 Poly Power-V DXT $6,100 9’0 Trip Edge Super Duty $5,100.00

To inquire about our Boss Snow Plow selection or to place an order, please contact our parts department.

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