Limited-Time Offer Valid Through April 1, 2019

Ready to upgrade your current Volvo?

Current Volvo drivers with nine or fewer monthly payments remaining on their Volvo Lease may qualify to turn their current Volvo in early and lease another new Volvo through Volvo Financial Services. Current lessees who choose to participate in the Volvo Lease Pull Ahead Program will have their remaining lease payments credited (up to nine months), and will have their turn-in fee waived by upgrading to a new Volvo at our New Hampshire Volvo Dealership in Concord, NH.

Would You Benefit From the Pull Ahead Program?

Are you close to exceeding your annual mileage plan? Are you looking to get into a new model with newer Volvo technology? Are you looking to minimize your monthly Volvo lease payment? Are you interested in a different Volvo model than what you currently drive? If you answered yes to any of these questions, then the pull ahead program may be the perfect solution for you to drive a brand new Volvo, without large out of pocket costs.

Pull Ahead Program Offer Details
  • If You Lease or Finance a 2019 V60, V60CC, V90, V90CC, S90, or S60 - Up To 9 Remaining Payments Will Be Waived.
  • If You Lease or Finance a 2019 XC90 or XC60 - Up To 6 Remaining Payments Will Be Waived.
  • You must have nine or fewer payments remaining on your lease
  • Payments already made on a lease account cannot be reimbursed
  • Volvo Car Financial Services will waive the $350 vehicle turn-in fee
  • You must then lease a new Volvo through Volvo Car Financial Services
  • Previous payments can't be past due
  • You're still responsible for excess wear and use, excess mileage and any other obligations listed in the lease

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