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Have you used the new and incredibly user friendly XC90 interface? Volvo designed this interface so that it could be used naturally by drivers. Now, to make things even more interesting, Volvo and Apple got together to add Apple CarPlay to new Volvo cars. The XC90 is the first Volvo model in the US to get this upgrade.

As you may know, Volvo aims to be the safest brand of vehicles out on the road. What really got Volvo interested in the Apple CarPlay system, is its innovation in safety. With Apple CarPlay drivers won't have a need to look down at their phones, because anything they could need to glance at, would be on the Volvo's screen. Apple CarPlay is on its way to being available in all new Volvo cars. Currently, it is available in the new 2016 XC90, and next it will be in the new S90.


What can Apple CarPlay do you for you, you may ask? Check out its functionality:

- Talk to Siri

- Get directions using Apple Maps

- Make phone calls

- Send and receive text messages

- Listen to music

maxresdefaultIt works by plugging your iPhone into the USB port, and then a portion of the XC90's screen will be converted to the Apple display. The benefit to having only a portion of the screen converted to the Apple screen is that you can still use your Volvo infotainment menus. If the driver needs to alter the temperature in the vehicle, he or she won't have to maneuver through layers of menus to get there. Both menus can be used simultaneously.

If you took delivery of your XC90 before November 23, 2015, the software update is free, and will take about an hour to download at our service center. If your vehicle was purchased after this date, then it will cost $300 for this update.

Attention all Android users! Volvo and Google are working on the Android version of Apple CarPlay at this current time. It is set to arrive in Volvo products in the year. The layout is expected to be nearly identical to that of Apple CarPlay.

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