Blind Spot Information System

BLISIntroduction to BLIS

Volvo's Blind Spot Information System is commonly referred to as BLIS. Volvo introduced the technology originally back in 2003. A major piece of safety technology missing to the market, was something to assist drivers with the problem of being able to see what is in their blind spot. Volvo made it their mission to solve, knowing that this was a very dangerous issue to have.

How Does It Work?

BLIS is made up of camera and radar and together they keep an eye out for other vehicles on the sides and rear side of your vehicle. A warning lamp will turn on if there is something in your blind spot. The lamp illuminating gives the driver plenty of time to react and plan accordingly.

Sensors are placed strategically in the bumper cover in the back corners of the vehicle. It is constantly scanning and screening, ready to warn the driver of anything getting in its blind spots. The cameras are incorporated into the auto-folding side door mirrors.


BLISAward-Winning Technology

Because Volvo introduced yet another revolutionary piece of technology in the automotive scene, they were awarded the AutoCar Safety and Technology award. At the time of its introduction, it was the first of anything like it. This technology was said the be the most useful, original, and intuitive safety technology to reach the production line in many years. It was also awarded for being something that people could afford, and also something that is so useful that its technology would certainly be used.

Volvo has a vision of no one being hurt or seriously injured in a Volvo by 2020. Before they could do this, they had to find a way to first reduce the number of accidents that occur at all. In 2001 it was tested on the Safety Concept Car. It was found in consumer vehicles beginning with model year 2003.

The rear-view mirror is used to help drivers to see what is around them, but even with that, there are blind spots. There is high risk of getting into a crash with another driver, when someone is changing lanes. BLIS begins working at speeds of about 6MPH. From there, it will monitor others that are speeding past you by about 10MPH and will even sense those that are speeding a bit faster - about 40MPH higher than you.

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