Top 10 Car Maintenance Tips for the New Year

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Whether you're the owner of a premium new vehicle or an old used car, there are a lot of things you can do to make sure you're taking the best care of your vehicle around Dunbarton. By making preventative maintenance on your car one of your new year's resolutions, you can help ensure that your vehicle:

  • Lasts longer
  • Performs better
  • Stays safer

See our winter car maintenance tips here, and then schedule service at Lovering Volvo Cars Concord!

1. Check your battery.

Cold winter temperatures in Concord and Dunbarton can drain the life of a battery that's already on the edge of going out, leaving drivers and their passengers stranded. Avoid that scenario by having your car battery checked and getting it replaced if necessary. 

2. Check your tire pressure.

The laws of physics do a number on tire pressure in the winter, and driving on underinflated tires leads to:  

  • Increased stopping distances
  • Bad handling
  • Decreased efficiency 

Avoid these symptoms by making sure your tires are filled to the recommended levels.

3. Check your lights, wipers, and windshield washer fluid.

Visibility is always important, but all the more so during the winter months, when snow, ice, and freezing rain can lead to decreased visibility for you and other drivers. Avoid a dangerous situation by making sure all your vehicle exterior lights are working, that the wipers are on good condition, and the windshield washer fluid is filled up all the way.

4. Replace your wipers.

Avoid low visibility situations by getting your windshield wipers replaced in a timely fashion. 

5. Fill up on windshield wiper fluid.

Make sure your windshield wiper fluid tank is filled up so you don't get salt and grime blocking your view of the road.

6. Get your oil changed.

If you haven't already, commit to regular oil changes based on the manufacturer recommended schedule for your make, model, and year.

7. Rotate your tires.

Getting your tires rotated every few months helps extend the life of your tires and improves performance.

8. Get your wheels aligned.

Enjoy peak efficiency, performance, and safety by getting your wheels aligned a couple times a year.

9. Replace your cabin air filter.

Stay healthy and comfortable in your car by getting your cabin air filter replaced to maintain healthy air levels inside the cabin.

10. Get your brakes checked.

Avoid costly rotor replacements and dangerous situations by making sure to get your brake pads checked periodically.

Get Your Vehicles Serviced at Lovering Volvo Cars Concord

Whether you buy your vehicle from Lovering Volvo Cars Concord or not, you can count on our service department to handle your Volvo maintenance and repair needs. At our dealership, you'll enjoy special advantages like:

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