Human Machine Interface (HMI)


Did you know that Volvo Cars' Sensus was awarded the 'Most Innovative System' at the 2015 HMI Concept & Systems conference in Berlin? That's how great this system is! Volvo conducted global research on passenger experience, then developed an answer to the users' emotional and physical needs for a redesigned control system. Volvo's system now consists of a touch screen interface and an intelligent tiling system.

Volvo Concept Estate interior detailsVolvo's HMI system is comprised of the touch-screen interface, the driver information cluster, and the Head-Up Display. The designers realized that there is a lot of information, but some may be more time sensitive or important to the driver. Programmers want to give you as much information as possible, because it is all interesting, but they have to show you just enough so that you don't have information overload. Part of what makes this system so great, is how Volvo managed to choose what information was most important, and the ease of which they relay that information to the driver.

Safety is of utmost importance to Volvo, and creating their HMI system is furthering them along their mission of making sure that no one will be hurt or seriously injured in a Volvo by 2020. Another way that they made life easier for you, is that you can even use this system in the cold months when you have your gloves on. Most of Volvo's competitors can't say they can do that.

In making new car technology more people-friendly, Volvo had to first destroy the need for a knob. After that, they decided to get rid of buttons altogether. The HMI that they designed has a clean, sleek, overall Swedish design to it. Getting rid of buttons allows for the interface to be more intuitive and allows Volvo to to build a beautiful interior architecture.

At this time, the new HMI system is currently found in the following models:




The Few ButtonsHMI 3

The few buttons that you will find are in charge of the media system as quick shortcuts:

  • Volume
  • Track Skipping
  • Track Pausing
  • Eject
  • Defrosters

The heart of the system is the large tablet-like screen. This acts like a normal tablet by the way that it is a touch-screen, and it responds to swipes and other gestures. The tablet-like screen uses Volvo's interface which allows you to control music and other phone functions. There are four main bars of information on the big screen:

  • Navigation
  • Media
  • Phone
  • CarPlay


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