Pilot Assist 2


Pilot Assist

The second and all new version of Volvo's Pilot Assist 2 was designed with drivers in mind. Volvo wanted to make the drive easier and more enjoyable. Today, there are three Volvos that have Park Assist Pilot 2. Those vehicles are the 2017 Volvo S90, the 2017 Volvo XC90, and the upcoming 2017 V90 Cross Country.

Pilot Assist 2 works up to high speeds of about 80 MPH. This technology brakes and accelerates to keep the speed that you choose. Enjoy a peaceful drive as the vehicle slightly steers itself to keep you in the center of your lane.



Pilot Assist 2City Safety

Volvo's auto-braking system is called City Safety. It will work both day and night, and in any weather condition, as long as the lines on the road are visible. It works to prevent accidents with pedestrians, cyclists, and the driver in front of you who stops short. These are all some of the most common causes of accidents. Pilot Assist 2 adds extras such as being able to brake your vehicle at intersections if you happen to cross the path of an incoming vehicle. The system now offers large animal detection as well.


Park Assist

What is your least favorite part of driving in the city? Some may say that it's the hassle of finding a parking spot, let alone managing to get into the spot. We assure you that you'll love the new Park Assist Pilot. It will provide you with incredibly easy means of parking in tight spaces. It can back-up into a spot or even parallel park itself. Park Assist Pilot will choose a parking spot even as small as just 1.2x the size of the vehicle.

How does it work? Your Volvo will do the steering, and you will be in charge of moving the gear into 'drive' or 'reverse' and using the brake and accelerator pedals when instructed by the car.



Take a test drive of the new S90, or XC90 and experience the all-new Pilot Assist 2. You can give us a call at 603-689-1851 for any questions you may have, or visit us at our Concord store.

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