Volvo's On Call Application is another way to try to make your life easier, and that is exactly what it does, and more! First and foremost, this system is an emergency and tracking service, which is Volvo's way of going the extra mile to keep you safe. Secondly, it is combined with an app for your smart phone. This allows you to remotely control your vehicle. It is now available on more than just smartphones, and it works with smart watches and iPads.


Convenience Features

Check Your Car:

The application allows you to check on your vehicle's current status through the dashboard. It will give you details such as your fuel level, tell you of any maintenance warnings, and much more.

Driving Journal:

Your driving journal can help you in many ways, but is particularly handy for those of us who commute for work. Your app will tell you the start and end positions of your logged journies, the distances you drove, the duration of your drives and will tell you how much fuel you used on those trips. You can then download all of the details into an Excel file, and take it with you wherever you need it to go.

Send Destination:

Remotely send a destination to your Volvo before you leave your home to begin your trip. While you're driving, you'll see your car on a map, and it will give you directions. You can also tell your car to honk its horn, or flash its lights so that you can find it easier in a large parking lot.

Lock Your Car:

Have you ever had that feeling that you forgot to lock your car, or left a window down on your car, but you're not near it? With this app, you can lock and unlock your vehicle remotely, and even check the status of windows and doors. This is peace of mind at its finest!

Engine Remote Start:

Start your Volvo for up to 15 minutes before you leave your home or office! You can even remotely control your vehicle's climate. Turn on the A/C or heat before you jump in, so that it is at the perfect temperature for you when you start your drive.




Safety Features

Convenience features are great to have. Volvo loves making technology that makes your life easier. They also care a lot about your safety. Here are some of the safety features that you'll take advantage of with the Volvo On Call app.

Roadside Assistance:

Simply push the Volvo On Call button by your rear-view mirror, or use your app to speak to one of our operators. They'll dispatch roadside assistance to your location via the GPS in your Volvo.

Emergency Support:

There is an SOS button that is located in the overhead console. Press this at any time to get emergency sent to help you immediately.

Automatic Collision Alert:

As soon as a collision is detected, your vehicle will alert an operator to contact the vehicle, and send emergency services to you.

Theft Alert:

If there is a suspicious entry into your Volvo, or if the car is stolen, the GPS on your vehicle will be used to find it or immobilize the vehicle.



Watch our very own video tutorial on how to use the Volvo On Call phone application. If you have any other questions on the Volvo On Call app, please give us a call at 603-689-1851, or contact us here!

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