Volvo IntelliSafe Safety Features

2018 Volvo XC90 Inscription 

Volvo is committed to providing the ultimate safety on the Concord roads, and thanks to the Volvo IntelliSafe safety system, they are one step closer to reaching their goal of keeping people from being seriously injured in a Volvo by the year 2020. With IntelliSafe technologies, Barnstead drivers get the prevention and protection they need while on the go.


Included Safety Features


The Volvo IntelliSafe package is comprised of safety features every Barnstead driver could want to make it one of the safest cars on the road:

  • Adaptive Cruise Control: Keep a safe distance away from other vehicles in front of you while also keeping in line with traffic thanks to the intuitive Adaptive Cruise Control.
  • 360 Surround View Technology: The 360 Surround View technology provides birds-eye views of your vehicle, so you can make smarter parking and maneuvering decisions.
  • Driver Alert Control: If your Volvo vehicle senses you get drowsy, the Driver Alert Control will prompt you to take a break.
  • Active High-Beam Control: Keep your high beams on at all times to brighten the Hillsborough roads, and let the lights automatically adjust when oncoming traffic is detected.
  • Blind Spot Information System: The Blind Spot Information System uses radar sensors to alert you other traffic and objects around your vehicle.
  • Lane Keeping Aid: The Lane Keeping Aid steers you back into your intended lane in case you start to drift.
  • Volvo City Safety: Volvo City Safety is an active co-pilot that warns you of danger lurking up ahead and is quick to push on the brakes to keep you and your passengers safe. Not only will this technology detect pedestrians on the road, but it will also detect cyclists as well as help you make the safest turns possible.
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Having access to the Volvo IntelliSafe will make your Dunbarton driver that much more secure. And by choosing a Volvo model, you'll be choosing one of the safest car brands available today. Before you stop by, learn more about other Volvo technologies like Sensus Connect! Visit Lovering Volvo Cars Concord to check out our inventory or find out more about our safety ratings and safety features of top models like the XC60.

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