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Buying a Volvo means you're getting a luxury vehicle, and this includes luxury-level technology features. The deluge of exciting amenities available from the Volvo lineup will keep you entertained on the roads of Barnstead, but innovative technologies like Pilot Assist will ensure that you and your passengers stay safe as well. Take a look at the features that keep you informed, connected, and entertained while driving your Volvo below.

Apple CarPlay

Keeping your vehicle connected to your smartphone makes it easy to stay entertained while also delivering an easy way to stay connected. Through Apple CarPlay, your Apple smartphone can connect directly to your vehicle's dashboard so you can access information or make phone calls using voice activation.

Pair Your Phone with Bluetooth

Once you connect your phone via CarPlay, use the large touch-screen display on the center of your dashboard to access your phone's main controls.

Blind Spot Information System

The Blind Spot Information System (BLIS) lets you know when vehicles or other objects are in your blind spot, helping you make smarter driving decisions throughout Hillsborough and keeping everyone protected from unnecessary collisions.

Compact Modular Architecture

The compact modular architecture platform lets Volvo models switch between front-wheel and all-wheel drive, making your drive completely adjustable in every dimension for streamlined and seamless driving.

Human Machine Interface

The Human Machine Interface does away with knobs and makes the interface between you and your Volvo more seamless. Even in the dead of winter with gloves on, you can access information with the push of a button.

Know Your Volvo

Know Your Volvo is a smartphone application that allows you to learn more about how to use all the pieces and parts of your vehicle. Now, you can Know Your Volvo in the palm of your hand.

Scalable Product Architecture

Concord drivers love the Scalable Product Architecture that includes a modular chassis to enhance the fluidity of the new Volvo models.

Pilot Assist

Volvo's new Pilot Assist 2 makes every drive safe. It works up to speeds of 80 mph to brake and accelerates to keep you in the center of your lane at all times.

Updating Volvo Maps

Your Volvo vehicle comes equipped with a navigation system you'll rely on. In order to ensure you have the most up-to-date map, you'll want to update yours when necessary. Find out how.

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